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SBA Startup Loans

Learn about the SBA startup loans that are available now. Uncover different types of loan programs that SBA offers for startup businesses.Here's a quick ...

BRICS Banks Will Begin Borrowing In The Yuan To Bypass The Dollar - Episode 831a

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FinAid | Loans | Largest Education Lenders

The following tables show the top 100 originators, holders and consolidators of Federal Family Education Loan Program loans. (The list of originators is accurate as of March 5, 2010, and represents FY2009 data.

Philippine National Oil Company - Wikipedia

The Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC) was created on November 9, 1973 as a government-owned and controlled corporation founded under martial law Presidential Ferdinand Marcos to supply oil to the Philippines.

Student loans in the United States - Wikipedia

United States Government-backed student loans were first offered in 1958 under the National Defense Education Act (NDEA), and were only available to select categories of students, such as those studying toward engineering, science, or education degrees.

Billion Dollar Startups - CNNMoney

These privately held companies, or 'unicorns,' are valued at $1 billion or more, according to data from CB Insights.

What Is a Good Credit Score Range? - The Simple Dollar

Ever wonder what is a good credit score, and why this little three-digit number is so crucial to your financial well-being? Can it really affect your every